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Hostel Hiroshima Japan / Guesthouse in Hiroshima of Japan for backpackers / Budget hostel

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J-Hoppers Hostel Kyoto

The hostel opened in Kyoto in 2002. It's an 8 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. There are many important historical sites such as Toji Temple or Fushimi-Inari Shrine. The nearest bus stop is right in front of this hostel , which is on the quite convenitnt bus route to access to other major sights such as Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera or Gion.

J-Hoppers Hostel Hiroshima

The hostel opened in Hiroshima in 2006. The builing used to be a Japanese style ryokan and most guest rooms are Japanese style with tatami matts. Located near the Peace Memorial Park and A-bomb Dome. You can also go to Miyajima, which is one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan, by tram.

J-Hoppers Hostel Osaka

The hostel opened in Osaka in 2008. It's just about 15 minutes walk to JR Osaka station, which has extensive travel links to everywhere. It could be a starting point for all sightseeing places not only Osaka but also Nara, Kobe, Koyasan and Himeji.

J-Hoppers Hostel Takayama

The hostel opened in Takayama in 2009. It's just 3 minutes walk to JR Takayama station. Takayama has preserved the feeling of a castle town. There are lots of historical spots such as Histrorical Govement House, San-machi-suji lined with stores selling the traditional wares and craftman's workshop and Hida Folk Village.

Access to J-Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse

From JR Hiroshima Station ( 22 min + 3 min walk )

  • Go out the South Exit and walk to the tram station, which is just in front.
  • Take the tram line (No.2 or No.6) and get off at Dobashi station (about 20 minutes).
  • In the direction you are facing when you get off the tram (East), walk across the pedestrian crossing and past the red convenience store (Family Mart), !!You will be heading off of the main road with the tram tracks!!,
  • then turn right at the first traffic signal. (You will see a red and white stripy dry cleaning shop on the corner you turn at).
  • After,walk straight about 200 meters and take the third left turn. (You will see a cafe "Happy Break Cafe")
  • From there, we are just around the corner on the left side of the street.

From Hiroshima Bus Center ( 15 min walk )

  • Go out the main street (Aioi-dori Street) and walk to the west.
  • Turn left just before A-bomb Dome, and walk straight down until you see the bridge.
  • Cross "Motoyasu-bashi bridge" and "Honkawa-bashi bridge".
  • Turn left at the bakery shop "Roti" and turn right at the 3rd alley at the Parking lot
  • Walk a little while and you will find us on your right
(You can also get on the tram No.2 or No.6 in front of the bus center and get off at Dobashi Station).

Access map


Address and Phone Number

Address :

(Post-code 730-0854)
5-16, Dobashi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi


Phone :

082-233-1360 (domestic)

+81-82-233-1360 (from overseas )

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How to go to Hiroshima city

See the transportation route provided by JORUDAN

From By Time Rate Note
Tokyo JR Nozomi
Around 4h 17,540 yen
JR Hikari Around 5h 17,540 yen Japan Railway Pass might be a good idea
JR local line Around 15h 11,340 yen You must transfer several times
JR Highway bus 11-12h 11,600 yen
Highway bus Around 13h 5,500 yen- Some bus companies have this route
Kyoto JR Nozomi Around 1h45m 10,280 yen
JR Hikari Around 2h15m 10,280 yen
JR local line Around 6h 6,300 yen
JR Highway bus Around 5-6h 5,500 yen-
Highway bus Around 8h 3,500 yen- Some bus companies have this route
Osaka JR Nozomi Around1h30m 9,440 yen From Shin-Osaka Station
JR Hikari Around 1h40m 9,440 yen From Shin-Osaka Station
JR local line Around 5h30m 5,460 yen
JR Highway bus Around 6h 5,000 yen-
Fukuoka JR Nozomi Around 1h10m 8,190 yen
JR Hikari Around 1h10m 8,190 yen
Highway bus Around 4h 4,000 yen JR and other bus companies